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8 Excellent Compound Bows – Precise and Reliable Weapon

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If you’re specialized in a certain bow sport or you want quality equipment that can adhere to all different sports, the best compound bow can become your best secret weapon—especially when you know how to use it. The ability of it to be equipped or adapted to various sports is one of the main reasons why the compound bow is such a great investment.

Whether you’re a famous bow shooter or you’ve already championed the bull’s eye shot with a regular bow and you’re looking to upgrade your style, a compound bow might want to consider an upgrade! However, even if you may be feeling relatively new at the whole thing and terms like wheels, cams, stabilizers, and limbs seem a bit unclear, this guide can help you sort out which features are most important in a compound bow and why you should look out for them. If you’re looking for the best compound bow for archery, you’ve come to read the right articleю

Top 8 Compound Bows Review 2020

After hours of research, we narrowed it down to eight of the best products we could find on the market. In this guide, we’re going to take you through the various features you’ll need to have and which products have them. You can go through our side-by-side comparison table, in-detail reviews of each product where we get up close and personal with all the various features, and a buying guide to finish it off where we’re going to help you pick out the best compound bow.

Editor’s Choice

High-quality compound bow with adjustable draw weight from 5 to 70 pounds, draw length is 13 to 31 inches

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Best for Deer Hunt

Powerful single-cam compound bow with 75% let-off, the arrow can gain speed up to 330 fps

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Upgrade Pick

Professional compound bow with 6-inch brace height, draw weight is set at 70 pounds and axle to axle length is 34 inches

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Best for Hunting

Reliable compound bow with sight and stabilizer, the brace height is 6.5 inches and the let off is 70%

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Best Left-Handed

Perfect for left-handed users, Gen-X compound bow comes with all the accessories to practice bow shooting

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Best for Kids

Great child-oriented compound bow with adjustable draw weight from 5 to 40 pounds and 70 percent let-off

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Budget Pick

Fairly priced compound bow that can shoot an arrow with the speed of 315 fps, it comes all set up with aluminum cams

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Best for School Practicing

Nicely done compound bow that is perfect to use in archery schools, it’s safe and convenient, as well as fully adjustable to student’s needs

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  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Draw weight: 5-70 lb
  • Draw length: 13-31’’
  • Speed: 310 fps
  • Weight: 3.2 lb

More features: 74.47 ft-lb kinetic energy, 80% effective let-off, 7’’ brace height, integral stabilizer, solid back wall


Backed by a lifetime-limited warranty, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is one of the best compound bows on the market.

From its features to its speed and weight, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is what it markets—a compound bow, built for a pro.

With a speed of 310 feet per second, this bow can reach a high acceleration, which is great for archers of all speed and skills.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro has an extremely wide draw length, which can reach up to 31 inches—with a minimum of 13 inches.

The way that this bow works is that it has a redesigned cam system, which allows for a flawlessly smooth draw.

A few other features that are involved with this type of bow is the integral stabilizer, which makes for a perfect balance and a steadier shot.

Backed by a lifetime-limited warranty, this guarantee not only keeps the bow working for a long time, it also can be with you as you or your child grows as an archer. This is also made possible since it can be adjusted through its draw weight—anywhere from 5 to 70 lbs of force.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is a high-quality, versatile, and feature-packed bow that is the brand Diamond’s best-selling bow of all time.

  • Has an extended draw length of 31”
  • A redesigned cam system to help smooth the draw
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 80% let-off
  • High speed
  • Might feel a bit lightweight for some people

Bear Archery Approach RTHBest for Deer Hunt

  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Draw weight: 55-70 lb
  • Draw length: 23.5’’-30.5’’
  • Speed: 330 fps
  • Weight: 4.3 lb

More features: 75% let-off, 6.25’’ brace height, single cam system, 32’’ axle to axle, sight included


The Bear Archery Approach RTH is a lifetime-limited backed compound bow that is designed specifically with hunting in mind, which is why we’ve considered it to be one of the best for hunting, like deer hunting, for example.

From it’s various features to the peak draw weight of 55 to 70 lbs, this bow doesn’t play. Especially with its staggering draw weight, the Bear Archery Approach RTH is not for beginners—it’s designed for the real deal.

The draw length reaches about to 30.5”, which is an axle-to-axle length up to 32 inches! The single cam system is relatively easy to tune—and also low in noise level.

If you’re planning on deer hunting, the Bear Archery Approach RTH is a great fit.

You also will enjoy the let off of this bow and arrow being 75%.

As you get fitted for a bow, you’ll notice that their brace height is 6.25 inches, which will mean a lot more to you once you’ve got measured.

Reaching a speed of 330 fps, this is one of the fastest bows on the market and on our guide today. You’ll need this speed to be able to thoroughly and successfully meet your mark while hunting.

For a value price, the Approach is a high-quality bow that offers high-end performance.

  • Can reach speeds up to 330 fps
  • Single cam system that is easy to tune
  • Accurate for hunting
  • Might not be a perfect choice for a beginner

Elite Archery Impulse 34Upgrade Pick

  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Draw weight: 70 lb
  • Draw length: 27.5’’
  • Speed: 347 fps
  • Weight: 4.4 lb

More features: 6’’ brace height, 34’’ axle to axle, includes Quick-Shot release, colors variety, 38.8’’ cable


If you’re looking for the next big thing and it seems you’ve outgrown your beginner bow, the  Elite Archery Impulse 34 can be a great choice for an upgrade pick.

The features of this compound bow are just a few reasons why.

If you’re past that beginner‘s stage and you need a bow that can match your growing skills, the Elite Archery Impulse 34 can help you with that. Although the draw length isn’t as long as others—measuring at only 27.5”, this means that this is a great bow for people who are also still growing, literally.

However, the draw weight is 70 lb, which can be quite heavy for those out there who are a bit smaller or weaker when it comes to draw strength.

The Elite 7.25 inch hunting stabilizer also comes along with a 2-piece 4-arrow quiver and a hunter drop away rest. The inclusions and attachments don’t stop there—it also comes with a Scott archery Quick-Shot wrist strap release included.

If you’re looking for speed, the Impulse 34 is able to give you that speed without losing any kind of accuracy along with it. Rated as one of the best-selling Series of elite bows this bow features smooth drawing, a sooner-to-peak weight, and a rock-solid back wall.

  • Great upgrade pick for someone who’s looking for more speed
  • Shorter draw length for smaller people or those with shorter arms
  • The draw weight might be too heavy for some people

Bear Archery Cruzer G2Best for Hunting

  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Draw weight: 5-70 lb
  • Draw length: 12’’-30’’
  • Speed: 315 fps
  • Weight: 3.1 lb

More features: 30’’ axle to axle, sight and stabilizer included, Endurafiber™ limbs, 6.5’’ brace height, 70% let-off


The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is also another quality bow that can be best used for hunting.

It also has a wide range of drawing weight, which makes it highly accessible for various ages to use—from all skill levels, too. The versatility of the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is extremely high

If you‘re planning on taking a bow to go out hunting, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is going to be a great addition to your hunting gear and might be the key to get you all the game you want.

Ready to hunt right out of the package, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is equipped with six Trophy Ridge accessories— a four-pin sight, a Whisker Biscuit, a 5-arrow quiver, a stabilizer and sling, a peep sight, and a nock loop—which can hike up your hunting game!

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 also comes able to be adjusted and grow as you grow, with an adjustable from 12” to 30” draw length range. You’re also able to adjust the draw weight as you see fit since it has a range of 5 to 70 lb. These adjustments can be also all be done by simply using an Allen wrench, which means that you don‘t have to figure out how to use a bow press.

Although it reaches up to 315 feet per second, it can get to this speed only weighing 3 lbs. as a whole! This is possible because of its unique shape of the limb, which creates a reliable load distribution.

  • Highly adjustable in draw length and weight
  • Adjustments can easily be made with Allen whence
  • Comes equipped with six accessories
  • Might be too lightweight feeling for some

Gen-X KitBest Left-Handed

  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Draw weight: 25-40 lb
  • Draw length: 21’’-30’’
  • Speed: not specified
  • Weight: 3.4 lb

More features: 35.5 axle to axle, 6061-T6 aluminum riser, sight and arrows included, 7.7 brace height


If you‘re a bit more unique than other archers out there you might need a compound bow that fits the description—seemingly designed only for you. The Gen-X Kit is actually advertised as being one of the best left-handed bows on the market.

With its compact and lightweight build, this bow won’t be bothersome to bring along with you on a hunting trip or while you‘re holding it, waiting patiently for game.

The various features of the compound bow make it shoot with an easier, smoother draw cycle. Even though it is quite fast in speed, it still allows for comfort and forgiveness with accuracy.

The length spreads out to 30”, with a 35 ½” axle-to-axle measurement. This helps make it stable enough and preferred when long-distance shooting.

As a left-handed shooting bow, the Gen-X Kit is also unique when comparing its various features, including the attached machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel, sturdy composite limbs, and high-strength bowstrings.

You also get a high-quality package of accessories, including a bow, the 3-pin fiber optic sight, a whisker biscuit rest, a detachable quiver with four carbon arrows, and the tools necessary for assembly. You also get an owner’s manual to help you put it all together.

  • Powerful enough for hunting, simple enough for anyone to use.
  • Adjustable draw weight of 25-40 lbs
  • Comes with attachments, accessories, and package
  • Doesn’t include arrow rest and arrow nock

PSE Mini Burner RTSBest for Kids

  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Draw weight: 5-40 lb
  • Draw length: 16’’-26.5’’
  • Speed: not specified
  • Weight: 2.7 lb

More features: 6.7” brace height, 70% let-off, arrows and sight included


If you have a passion for archery and are looking to inspire your kids or younger siblings and friends to get involved, the PSE Mini Burner RTS can be a great buy!

It’s never too early to get your kids involved in a family pastime like archery. The PSE Mini Burner RTS makes it possible that your kids or smaller friends can join in all the fun with the whole family.

Especially since the first experience with their bow will help dictate how a kid will feel about archery for years to come, it’s important to make it a great one! To help improve the experience, you need a high-quality bow that can help ease the pull and increase the accuracy of it all.

The PSE Mini Burner RTS is a perfect buy for a younger child, since it has a highly adjustable draw length range of 16” to 26-1/2”, this means that you can adjust the length range as your child grows and his or her draw length increases.

The PSE Mini Burner RTS is also a great beginner buy because it also comes included with an accessory package. The entire package comes with a 3-pin sight, arrow rest, arrow quiver, stabilizer, and three carbon arrows.

  • Great beginner package with multiple accessories
  • Adjustable draw length
  • Adjustable draw weight 5-40 lbs
  • Might not be a great buy for bigger kids!
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Draw weight: 30-70 lb
  • Draw length: 24.5’’-31’’
  • Speed: 315 fps
  • Weight: 3.6 lb

More features: 30’’ axle to axle, 75% let-off, aluminum cams, hunting accessories


Just because you or your family are on a budget, it doesn‘t have to meant that you have to sacrifice a quality bow buy. The RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit is our best for a budget choice on our guide today.

Not only is it an affordable bow, but it is also one of the best bows for target shooting, which can be particularly helpful—no matter what level archer you are.

Some other great features that make the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit a quality buy is the fact that the draw length is highly-adjustable, which means it can reach anywhere from 24.5-31”. The draw weight is also highly-adjustable, meaning that it can also be changed to as little as 30 to as high as 70 lbs without needing a bow press.

The way the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit works? Its CAMS are fully machined aluminum with absolutely zero plastic like those found in many other bows in this price range, which is not only good for quality’s sake, it’s also great for the environment.

Weighing only 3.6 lbs., the bow is quite lightweight for a product of its caliber—and even though it’s lightweight, it reaches up to a speed of 315 ft per second!

As the name insists, it is a kit package which includes a 5 pin sight with light and level, biscuit style rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, string stop, an Allen wrench set, and 2′ paper target with 10-point scoring. The peep sight and d-loop already come pre-installed.

  • Has a split-yoke tuning system
  • Is quite precise and gives off proper arrow flight
  • Highly adjustable in length and weight
  • Does not include arrows in the package

Genesis Original KitBest for School Practicing

  • Warranty: one-year limited
  • Draw weight: 10-20 lb
  • Draw length: 15’’-30’’
  • Speed:
  • Weight: 3.5 lb

More features: 7.7’’ brace height, 35.5’’ axle to axle, 0% let-off, 6061-T6 aluminum riser, molded grip, adjustable arm guard


The Genesis Original Kit is a great buy if you’re looking for a proper beginner bow. Actually, it has been rated as one of the best youth and best beginner/starter bows on the market.

To its credentials, it also has been labeled as the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), which is quite an accomplishment.

No matter how old, big or athletic your or your child is, the Genesis Original Kit is a great buy and is highly compatible with most archers. The great feature about this bow is that there is a specific draw length requirement, which means that kids can’t outgrow this bow.

The Genesis Original Kit comes with a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel, sturdy composite limbs, and high-strength bowstrings. The kit also includes a bow, a belt tube quiver, an adjustable arm guard, five aluminum arrows, a 3/16″ hex wrench, and an Owner’s Manual.

Not only is the package something that knocks other kits off the table, but it is also highly suitable in design. The Genesis Original Kit is built with single-cam technology, which means that you’ll have absolutely no tuning issues, less recoil, less noise, and more accurate shooting.

Specifically designed to eliminate let-off and meet specific draw length requirements, it’s a great beginner and intermediate bow.

  • Can be adjusted as the archer develops and grows
  • Covers all standard draw lengths
  • Comes with an entire kit of accessories
  • Might not be long enough for really tall person

Buying Guide

After going through the top best compound bows, you might not feel very well-informed—on the contrary, you might feel even more confused than before (you have so many more options now)!
Fortunately, this buying guide is here to help you sort out the ins-and-outs of the various features you need and should know about when checking out a certain product.
To help you make a well-informed buy that will suit you, your needs, and your style, check out the features below:

The many uses of a compound bow

8 Excellent Compound Bows - Precise and Reliable Weapon

Whether this is your first compound bow or you’re truly reaping the benefits of the various uses of a compound bow, we feel as if it’s completely necessary to go through the many uses of this type of bow—that way, you can truly get not only your money’s worth, but also your time’s worth with your product.

Those who purchase and use compound bows are often drawn to that particular product because they have a lot more mechanical advantages than other bows on the market.

When it comes to the specific features, the limbs of the bows have a much more energy output since they are more rigid and much more accurate. This helps beginners meet their target.

This is also great for beginners because it doesn’t have as much draw weight as other bows out there, which can help with accuracy, as well.

Some of the real-world uses of compound bows are hunting—since that draw weight isn’t as heavy at a certain point. This makes it possible for you to keep the bow drawn, even while you’re scoping out your target.

If you’re more into the leisure sport of the matter, a compound bow can definitely be a good investment for target archery.

You can also use a compound bow for bow fishing—but you need to double-check that it has enough power in its punch to be able to go through the water.

However, even though this type of bow can be used for both hunting, fishing and target archery, certain brands or types of compound bows are going to be more tailored—one over the other.

You also should make sure you’re checking out the level of which the bow will be aimed for—whether it’s a beginner bow or more advanced type.

Safety tips for compound bow users

8 Excellent Compound Bows - Precise and Reliable Weapon

Before you use a compound bow—especially if you’re a beginner—you’re going to want to pay extra attention to different safety tips that often come with the use of a compound bow.

Whether you’ve skipped over your manufacturer’s manual or you just want some brushing up on your safety tips, there are a few aimed at compound bow users:

  1. If you’re a minor or you’re the parent of a minor who’s interested in archery, you or the minor should always be accompanied by an adult—or especially an expert who has experience with a bow and can watch over.
  2. A bow should never be handled under the influence—whether of drugs or alcohol.
  3. Before handling a bow, safety precautions should always be taken, no matter what—even if you’re just practicing or not doing archery in the wild. There is always a purpose behind safety equipment like glasses.
  4. Your bow should never be exposed to heat or moisture—this can damage your bow, even when it’s in storage (so make sure it’s being stored in a safe space).
  5. Exposure of your bow to knives or an open flame can actually cut the string or cause the cables to break—just be careful about where your bow is being stored or where you’ve put it down.
  6. If there is a bystander or other archer involved, make sure that there are no body parts in the path of the bow—even when it’s not drawn!

Compound bow maintenance

Since you’re planning on investing a pretty penny on your compound bow, you might as well make it so that you’re taking care of it and maintaining the quality of your product.

Here is a video to help you care for your compound bow properly:

Price range

Whether you’ve got some money to spend or you want to keep your price range somewhere near the same as our Budget Pick, the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit, there should be a bow in everyone’s price range.

This budget, however, will definitely play a huge role in which compound bows are going to be available to you. Fortunately, there are options for all different kinds of budgets.

However, just know that it will be quite difficult to find a compound bow that’s set at a price (brand new) for less than $150.

Most likely, you’ll be spending an average of $350-$450—but you can also find higher-end bows that reach prices up to $750.

Depending on your budget and the level of archer you are, you might want to take the time to consider lowering or raising your price.

Choose the best compound bow through the features listed below

You want the best compound bow money (in your budget) can buy—this means that you either do the research beforehand and compare bows or simply pay extra close attention to the various features available with each product.

To help you out, here are the various features to look out for when trying to choose a compound bow based on the specific qualities that are worth investing in.

Choose the length that fits you

8 Excellent Compound Bows - Precise and Reliable Weapon

This can be different depending on your actual size. The bow length will consider your draw length—but in general, most people will strive for a product with a bit of a longer bow.

However, if your main goal will be hunting, you’ll want a shorter bow. Not only is that easier for you to carry around while you’re trekking, but you’ll also actually have an easier time firing a shot.

A larger bow, however, is a lot more accurate when it comes to shooting.

All in all, your sweet spot is going to be an average length of around 30 to 32 inches, like most of the bows on here except for the PSE Mini Burner RTS, which is designed for kids.

However, that’s just the average—you’ll want to find a length that works for you. If you’re still not certain about how long that is, you’ll want to consider trying to talk to your hunting store, a local sports store or coach in an archery sports league.

Weight does matter

The last thing you would want is to invest so much in a high-quality bow only to find out that actually it’s much too heavy for you to carry around with you to and from your target.

Especially if you’re a beginner or if you’re going to be buying a compound bow for a smaller child, you’ll want to take the weight into consideration.

Plus, the heavier the weight, the harder it is to hold the bow while still keeping the target in-line.

Draw length

Your local archery or hunting store can definitely help you determine your ideal draw length.

However, if you want to take a crack at it on your own, all you have to do is:

  1. Measure out your wingspan—from one middle finger to the other across your chest in a “T” position.
  2. Take that inch number and divide it by 2.5.

This is your draw length—it can help you choose the best compound bow for you and your accuracy.


8 Excellent Compound Bows - Precise and Reliable Weapon

Although the speed a few of the compound bows are not specified, you’re going to probably be investing in a bow with a speed of around 300 fps or greater.

Draw weight

The draw weight, virtually, is going to be how much weight you can actually pull back with the bow using your own strength.

The let-off is also a feature of the draw weight worth mentioning, since it’s important to know when figuring out which compound bow to buy.

This can be hard to figure out since there isn’t a mathematical formula for you to just plug in a bunch of numbers. Fortunately, a lot of bows these days have adjustable draw weights, like the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro which can be maneuvered to have a 5 lb draw weight up to a 70 lb one.

Need a sight?

When it comes to compound bows, the actual sight is normally attached to the rise—with the most common type being the fixed pin. The fixed pin has three different pins that can be adjusted according to distances.

The peep sight is another sight that works with the main sight of the compound bow. This can help when aiming at your target and can help you get accurate shots.

As you look at other types of bows, you will encounter movable pins and pendulum pins.

Cams design and quality

A compound bow will always have cams—they are not cameras, but disks that are located at the end of each limb. This feature in a compound bow is critical—it will help you draw it once you have the let off. This makes it easy to draw.

When it comes to cams, there are four different types of systems—which differ in the way the wheels work. You can choose from either single cam (which is the most common), hybrid cam, binary cams, and two cams.


8 Excellent Compound Bows - Precise and Reliable Weapon

As we just mentioned, the limbs are also important parts of the compound bow—they attach directly to the riser and are located one on each side.

Generally, they are made out of fiberglass, which makes them extremely flexible.

These parts of the bow are important since they are the parts responsible for generating the kinetic energy needed to shoot the arrows.

You can get parallel limbs, which are the most common in compound bows or typical D-shaped limbs. The parallel limbs are generally much quieter than D-shaped ones.


From as short as 1-year limited, like the Gen-X Kit and the Genesis Original Kit (which is a compound bow for the young shooter) to a lifetime limited warranty, you might want to double-check on the manufacturer’s warranty on the product and the parts. This can help you avoid some confusion down the line.

Accessories needed

When it comes to a compound bow, if you’re an avid archer, you might want a variety of different accessories, which can help your shooting become more accurate or easier to do.

Consider what comes along with the bow before you buy.

Compound bow shooting tips for beginners

If you’re a beginner, here is a video to watch to help you shoot as accurately as possible:


Before you invest in a bow—especially if it’s a bit on the expensive side, you might have a few questions about certain details of the product.

Here are the answers to our most frequently-asked questions:

As we discussed earlier in the buying guide, the draw length is chosen based on your own draw length, which is the length of your wingspan divided by 2.5.

So, now that you have your personal and specific draw length, you’ll want to pick out the best maximum draw length for you. You’ll want that number to be only one inch more than your own draw length.

So, if you have a draw length of 29”, you’ll want the maximum length of the bow to be at 30”.

Fortunately, a compound bow, as featured on this guide, is going to be much easier to work for a beginner than a recurve bow, since it generally has the modern mechanisms to make shooting much easier.

A recurve bow will take much more practice, while the compound bow will help you with your accuracy.

For a general rule, your dominant eye is going to be the same as your hand. However, it all depends on how you learn how to shoot. Some people learn to shoot your bow by closing one eye and choosing the most dominant one while others may have learned how to shoot with both eyes open—both ways have their benefits.

Our Verdict

If you’ve skipped over our entire article and want to get right to the good stuff, here is a summary of our top three picks that we want to highlight for you today:

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is our Editor’s Choice for best compound bow. Certain features, like its lifetime-limited warranty have set it apart from all the others on the market. With an incredible draw weight range of 5-70 lbs, this bow is fit for all ages. It’s also highly lightweight and can reach high speeds.

The Bear Archery Approach RTH is our Runner’s Up choice and also the best compound bow for deer hunting. Also backed by a lifetime-limited warranty, this bow only weighs 4.3 lbs and still reaches a speed up of up to 330 fps. The single cam system comes adjustable with the draw weight from 55-70 lb and comes included with sight.

The RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit is our Budget Pick that shows you can get high-quality, even at an affordable price. Not only is this affordable bow lifetime-limited guaranteed, it also has a very adjustable draw weight between 30-70 lb. It can reach a speed up to 315 fps and only weighs 3.6 lb! The kit also comes included with hunting accessories to meet all your expectations.

So whether you’re just a beginner, you’re investing in a compound bow for a child or you’re well experienced by now, we hope that this buying guide and article has helped you choose which is the best compound bow for you and your level—as well as your goal (and target)!

9.9/10 Total Score
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package - Editor's Choice
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